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I had the opportunity last night, as President of the Board of Directors, to meet the parents of the school, and to talk with them about the situation of the school yard.

Year after year, since the CSCGV, the school yard is a problem that has become twofold: the ground becomes very muddy whenever there is rain or snow, which of course occurs frequently. In addition, the school population has grown rapidly, and the addition of portable classrooms has decreased the play area of the students.

This of course amplified the mud problem. Students got dirty easily, floors of the school (hallways, classrooms) became muddy and slippery.

After several discussions with the school staff, the school council and the board members, the most realistic and feasible solution was the paving of the courtyard at the school. Although this is not the ideal solution, it does help solve a major problem for students and staff.

Of course, at the meeting Monday night, parents expressed a desire for more « green » developments, in collaboration with the school and the CSFP.

The idea is very interesting, and will surely bend an ear amongst the school community, the CSFP and members of the Board, to eventually have a greener environment. With this in mind, we welcome of course possible solutions from the community.

The contractor filed a voluminous safety plan for the project. Work should begin immediately and ultimately solve this important problem before the beginning of autumn.

If the work should present any inconvenience to students or staff, the school will take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

Ali Chaisson, Chair